“ When The sun sets over Kuldhara ghost town in Jaisalmer”

Visiting Abandonded village at one of the Jaisalmer district Rajasthan, it’s takes time more than a half hours around 17 kilometers from the city Jaisalmer by jepp . Along the way only see a stretch of the wide deserts was deserted there is no life there.

After arrived at the location around that place i only found the debris ruins of the building a village.

At first glance, i wonder and wonder what’s interesting through this place?

Seeing only the ruins of the building which are in disarray quite broad and almost no life lives in this arid with barren place.

Then when I asked to local people there and began to understand, but just a little bit about that myths, spooky folklore and stories of ghosts. It turns out this place is considered mysterious and they believe that the myths was true even after years.

So there are fairy tales that are hereditary or myths that they believe that this place was once a village whose life was classified as prosperous. The name of the village is Kuldhara. This place is one of the sites in Jaisalmer district rajasthan India.

“The Abandoned Village of Kuldhara” site of the city ruins.

As the name of implies. This a small village was left abandoned and uninhabited there was nothing special, only that made this village very famous because of a fairy tale that could be trusted or not the truth about the mystery behind Kuldhara’s abandonment.

Kuldhara which previously consisted of 85 villages was established around the 13th century and it was home to around 1,500 by the Paliwal Brahmins who were a prosperous class of people. One day Diwan or a tax collector came to the village to collect taxes for the king and when the Diwan saw the daughter of the village leader, she was amazed and demanded that the village head’s daughter be handed over to her.

Knowing that the princess and his father refused his request, Diwan threatened that he would return with the army to destroy the village unless they gave him the girl. Even though no one knew exactly how they did it, everyone in all 85 villages completely disappeared that night. Nobody saw them leave or knew where they were going. They just disappeared.

Another thing is believed that before they disappeared, they threw curses on the village which brought death to anyone who tried to inhabit of the land, the land will bring curse to the residents. Even after so many years no one can lived in this village anymore as mysterious and deaths have occurred remains true to the curse as the residents of Jaisalmer even some people tried to living there but never succced. The village wore a desolated and had a cursed feel about it the silence of kulddhara was not comforting.

Some people from different part of the world visit kuldhara to see the dark and spooky side of the Rajasthan and unveil mysterious secrets, which in just one of night made this place godforsaken for rest of the years.

believe or not but…It makes sense to see the place itself, no one will be able to live life in the arid place  like that, where the grass grows so bad  you will only see the a scary desert around it.

But when you visit Jaisalmer there is no harm make list to visit this ghost town.