Fight With Scam In New Delhi Station

International tourist bureau rail reservation for foreign tourist.

when you have to fight with the various kinds of  scam tricks that can be happened at any time of adventure”

Rajasthan area are still according to my first plan, I will take the most farthest route first directly to Jaisalmer, and then back then Jodhpur, then Udaipur, Jaipur and Agra. I will go along with by bus and train, for ticket purchases, all on the spot. With consideration that I can change it  according  to the situation and conditions.  And the most important thing is depends on my budged.

I checked out earlier from the hostel and left for the nearest station, at Kalkaji station.

From Kalkaji Mandir, I take the metro rail directly to the New Delhi Station, and get off at the New Delhi Park, from the New Delhi Park,  then connection to ride by tuktuk, and pay for it 15 rupees that way to the gate of the entry station New Delhi.

Apparently the New Delhi station has a scam headquarters.

How not, I have just came down from the tuktuk I have been welcomed by two people with stature of a large, tall body  and the most horrible they didn’t really allow me entered the station.

The two of them came in front of me and immediately asked for the ticket , I guess, at first I tough they were officers, but I saw them from toe to head it was more like a laborer, their uniform almost tricked me. But I still innocently answered I would buy a ticket inside.

Then they said to me it couldn’t, you have to buy a ticket before you can enter inside.

I started pretending to be busy opening my cellphone in case my brain was thinking hard about the rules from where it was? Not possible.

I am still outside the gate “a little really real weird …? Is there something wrong? What the hell with this people..?

I want the walk on the road but they are blocked  me as well, I insisted with them, because i have not yet any ticket, and i told to the them  i want buy a ticket  that’s why I come here.

They began insists me too, you are a tourist here, not local people, so you must have a ticket before you go inside.

“In a high voice, I don’t want to lose “too much.

I said that I know this place.

I know inside there is a counter for tourist and sell tickets for tourist.

I will buy ticket inside not here.

They are still blocking my way together.

Crazy right..?

These two mans are really inviting mouth war …

With a little shouting, what do you want from me?

Yes, I’m a tourist here but legally tourist, I come here not for free, I spent a lot of money for visa, i was legally here, don’t you know that?

Something happened to me you are in a big problem. You are both of you fucking shit.

“I don’t know where did i get idea to speak up loudly , I was confused about what language to use so they would disappear from my view, I try to called my friend in the Goa.

What happen?

I don’t understand people here are so fucking crazy.

They don’t allow me to go inside, just because I have not yet a ticket.

Please take it easy , listen to me go inside there is information tourist there.

I know but they don’t allow me? How come?

Who are they..?

Then my friend asked to give them my phone I want to talk to them what’s going on…?

They spoke in Hindi, obviously I don’t understand, about 2 minutes he gave me back my cellphone what are they talking about? “

I tried to confirm again.

My friend said that get away from station.


How can I buy a ticket for train?

He says please you go to the tourist information.

Dammm … how come..? They were still in front of me.

I keep going thinking on… looking for a reason

It’s seems like I have to retreat from fucking sucks.

They still follow me again “fuck …than I give up they told me will offer ticket to me  and also they forced me to buy a ticket.

I said I will not go to Jaisalmer.

They were Still persuading me “my god… “what a bad this human from the planet?

For God’s sake, I dreamed what last night?

I’m giving up …!!

I want to shout out again  “I hate India.

They still chased me, persuaded me, train today already full booked.

I don’t care i will not go to Jaisalmer please get away from me…

I am out of vow I was really acute frustrated meet people like that.

And the other one comes again i have ticket for you


You must buy ticket 1,500 rupees

I said I will not go to Jaisalmer.

How much money do you have?

I say just 500 rupees

I give you disc 1000 rupees.

No still very  expensive.

My friend today and tomorrow are full booked.


But I still hope all the tickets full booked and I will be able to get away.

I have other options to change the route.

I stay focused with them bastard and then my id asked by the agent  for the registration process. I saw them so excited about accompanying me.

i saw some people there while buying a ticket.

Are they also victims of a scam? “I don’t know …

I kept praying that the train would be full fast.

When i turn to the agent and said sorry was full, there are  not more seats to Jaisalmer.

Thanks god the train destination to Jaisalmer is already full.

Finally I mumbled again

“You are big lie…

I like having new strength speak up loudly

You see now …You are just washing my time and now I am losing a train to Jaisalmer.

This is already pointing fingers Shit …finally  they left me … I swear I hope you all will get 7 poor karma of life “My soul’s emotions”

I started to calm down suddenly there was another one man who came beside me, a thin person, so I just saw him cynical.

I see from toe to head  … pity he is disabled there is a problem with his legs.

He said you have to be careful here they are plenty

Go to the exit door, you can enter through that door from there close, follow this road straight, then turn right inside.

From there you go to the second floor of the ticket counter for the tourist above.

Yeah i know I still remember when came from Mumbai.

My heart was touched, my goodness, there is still good people here.

For a moment I pondered watching the man leave with a limp foot.

One thing I understand from that person.

Physical is not an excuse to remain a good person.

Don’t look at people from the physical.

He is physically disabled but his heart is not disabled, he has a good heart.

Thank you

After the drama was quite emotional, in front of the entrance to the new Delhi station.

I have to turn around looking for the exit.

Usually people pass the entry gate.

I have to go through the exit to avoid the next scam.

After walking for about 15 minutes, towards the exit door I entered the building where the train ticket was purchased and I still had to go up again to the second floor, Special counters for tourist information, in accordance with the information I got at the entrance.

Yes, it’s right on the second floor

I entered the room and inside already full of tourists.

Take the queue number immediately.

long enough I have to queue.

I already know the train to Jaisalmer is full, surely I have to change the route.

While waiting for a call

I am looking for a ticket to Udaipur waiting for my

 turn to go directly to the customer service desk, try asking for a ticket to Udaipur and the officers, there are still trains to Udaipur but I have to wait for the queue again to go to the payment counter.

While waiting for the queue to browse hostels in Udaipur, check hostels in Jaisalmer directly cancel hostels which I had booked before because I had to change the route searching for hostels again in Udaipur. After quite too long just wait a call next for payment at counter.

That was my turn to be called, I stepped forward to the counter again and they told me it was already full.

Holy shit..that was really suck, how  it  doesn’t run out of the  seats. The officers are super slow while the quota for tourists is very limited. The severity of the rest hour is that no substitute has to have to wait for them to finish resting while the system is online connecting.

Finally I have to justify how complicated the train ticket is in the Bollywood country.

This is very important, before travel to India it is strongly recommended to buy tickets online. Although it is indeed difficult because it can only be accessed through the code sent to the local SIM number.

But the times are constantly changing technological developments are progressing.

The process for registering train ticket purchases in India can already be accessed through its website.

Avoid purchasing tickets on the spot because we have to fight with thousands of people in India.

Trains in India are the main transportation system between regions.

Not to mention people who work in ignorance.

Don’t hope you can be served with a smile. “very poor smile

Not to mention the officers serving one person can be up to 25 minutes ” very slowly need extra patience. They asked me to return the day after tomorrow because all the trains were full.

I turn the brain in seconds , I have to get out of Delhi today, then I asked for help in finding the train ticket to the Rajasthan area

Again, I’m upset …  I have to look for the option tickets to Jaipur and Udaipur are also full, finally the only one option train to Jodhpur the remaining one seat.  Actually this city is only the last option.

Finally became the only city which became the main entrance to the territory of Rajasthan.

There is no others choice ,  I could not back down change  my schedule, considering the waste of time.

To the second budget I will definitely increase if I extend again in Delhi, and the last option.

I was forced to buy a ticket to Jodpur when I was  want to pay the ticket , the officer said that i will take the train another station.

I was so shock again …What do you mean?

Yes, this train ticket only at Old Delhi Station.

“Still gawking ..Where is that …?

The clerk says you have to ride again or by taxi , from here about 30 minutes

Oh my god ..!! How much price to pay for the taxi?

Mostly 150 upt to 200 rupees…

I have to make a decision in matter of seconds so I don’t lose again.

Ok … give me the ticket.

I pay 420 rupees for a ticket to Jodhpur.

The ticket was in my hand, straight out looking for tuktuk , he asked for the first 300 rupees I said “it’s very expensive

I know the price here.

Then he asked for 250 rupees

I’m still “No. I  left him and still chased him.

I said 150 rupees the driver said “ok.

You know the station right?

Yes mr ..

I  get on the tuktuk and go to the Old Delhi Station, Amid my feeling on the way it takes too long it should be  a half hours or more than 30 minutes. I tried make sure to the driver “why it’s taking too long?

And you know guyz … what did he say?

Sorry Mr.. I lose the way

My god …

what …? But you told me before you know the way to the station?

So I said “I don’t care you lose the way.

“You must take me to the station. My face was really cynical, maybe he knew

He just said sorry, Mr.Traffict

No reason..i don’t see any  traffic  along the  away. From 30 minutes, almost 1 hour has not arrived at the station.

Lucky my train was late so I didn’t worry …. finally arrived in front of the old Delhi station.

This station is one of the biggest stations in Delhi. It should be very easy find actually not hard to find.

I went down and I paid according to the agreement before I pay to the magic driver I make sure first “150 rupees right?

No you must pay me 200 rupees, because I’m losing the way.

Suddenly my legs tremble, my ears become hot because of the emotions of the soul immediately shouted in front of him

What … ? What the fuck of you … you lost the way I don’t care, that’s your problem.

You told me you know this station, why i have to pay your stupid. I threw the 150 rupees to his face, with my finger was almost hit by his stuck nose.

I was not satisfied “Do not try playing game with me.

This is really my guts tested then I left him and go inside the station.

#Very stupid. traffic jams

This is one trick, when traveling alone, you have to have the courage but don’t be careless.

This is not an attitude problem but rather how we fight for ourselves from scam.

Maybe someone said “arrogancy “

Of course not. Sometimes we have no choice in difficult situations, but we must choose.

Choosing to be a good person or to be a bad person.

depending on the personalities of each person.

I have just trying to fight for what I have to fight for.

I brought myself in the solo traveler’s part of course I had to know to fortify myself from various kinds of  scam tricks that happened at any time in my adventure.

There are many types of scams.

Old New Delhi Station

See you next story around Rajasthan.