The Struggle Escaped The Trap Of The Fraudsters In new Delhi

After my struggle, leaving Mumbai via Bandra terminus station, one of the biggest stations in Mumbai, I chose heading Delhi because i wasn’t strong enough in Mumbai. It’s like a “Prisoners run away from prison”

“I hate Mumbai” Jump into the train… is one of the most crazing things that i have done in India.

From Mumbai i bought ticket ac class tier business can sleep because the distance from Mumbai to New Delhi is really far 24 hours the longest and furthest there is an express train, it can be 12 hours, direct train but it’s quite expensive … I am backpacker and need super economical, that’s obligatory the law for the real backpacker to look for the cheap transportation..

There are so many trains in India because trains are of the main transportation between regions. The train of  ac class tier business so far  is comfortable, clean, can be blankets, snacks, milk boxes, and can eat one-time rations briyani rice is quite suitable on the tongue, Pretty cheap.

As long my way to New Delhi start thinking again what about situation in New Delhi. Chennai and Mumbai both them already gave me so many stress on my travel. In front of me there is an old couple, they will to go to Punjab at north, to attending a marriage ceremony. They both them Looks modern, we are acquainted but I forgot to take a picture of myself with them.

They are both native Punjab but living in Mumbai. Have 3 children and two sons living in London, one daughter in Mumbai, she is a doctor. I wonder they are from the high caste but why are they took the train? And i asked them why they aren’t took the plane is faster than train? They told me that they were afraid to get on a plane … (there were also people afraid get on the plane) it’s little bit funny. They bought me a cup of tea, and offered me their food. To be honest, it’s not really delicious “for the sake of God forgive me. A little bit fun, because they also have a good sense of humor. We talked a lot, as long on the train way we were sharing story each other, i was so happy, i met some people in Indian are really nice. And the next day, the train arrived safely at the New Delhi station, one of the biggest stations in New Delhi capital. And then we also parted, happy for that, but yes,   good memorable one meeting and parting had become part of the journey that had to be accepted.

Welcome to New Delhi this is where my struggle is quite heavy.

Why is it heavy? New Delhi station is the place of fraud headquarters. If in Chennai and in Mumbai station, I have already seen full of people at station In New Delhi station more than it. When i was get out from the train that’s made me shock then how could I have to break through thousands of people? “No space i can’t believe it. Where were this human being come from the source.. ?

Oh my God … what’s wrong with this country? So many people everywhere …aren’t they have a home?

“That’s a silly question…

The train station is like a refuge place. How can i find way to exit to the gate of this station? I was increasingly confused ,they were busy , while I was  look for the exit door … so many people then  i couldn’t  see  the exit, because the New Delhi station are very large, wide and long … it seemed like I wanted to throw a bomb so all people lay down first, so that the exit door was visible “crazy idea.

I was blocked by a lot people and i was so smallest and shortest than the others while, I though really, why was I so small here?

I turn my brain in seconds … I want to go out soon from here, it seemed people won’t decrease. Take the strategy, my backpack is a tight belt, and starts to step on people, elbows, jerks, foolishly … yes I finally escaped to the exit so that it was free from the crowd, not yet breathed with good already invaded by the driver taxi came offering taxi service to me. It’s a like sugar s surrounded by ants … hello my friend is taxi … ah my friend?

No, thank you.

Again, I have to run away from that place stay away from all the sucks people.

My god what bad dreams bring me to traveling this place..? I tried to contact one of my Couchsurfing friend in New Delhi.

The initial plan i will go to his place to stay with him, but when he told me that it would take another 2 hours to take a taxi still so far away I told to him so sorry for that I couldn’t go to his place even though he’s very disappointed but I promise next time.

In New Delhi I have not booked hostel yet, I remember a friend that i met in Goa he has a hostel in Delhi. I contacted him and he sent me the address but I had to take the metro rail again.

 “Where else is the metro rail? Look on Google, it’s a subway train station in New Delhi then i left the New Delhi Station and i went to look for  the metro trail station from the map not too far away, it can walk  and good to know the city of  New Delhi closer.

But It’s turns out that I didn’t realize that someone who followed me from behind my feeling started to feel bad, why was the guy following me?

It started to be a bit alarming.

Cheater (1): hello my friend where are you come from?

Me: Indonesia

Cheater (1): Ohh nice country welcome to New Delhi

Me: Ahhh bitter smile thank you trying to melt the atmosphere so that I will not nervous talk to him.

Cheater (1) : where are you going?

Me: I will go to my friend hostel.

Cheater (1) : Nice do you have a friend here?

Me: Yes many friends here.

Hemm…I keep going, but he also still following me, I was already annoy but i was still keep positive thinking.

Cheater (1): Finally he give the suck Question to me, do you want to go somewhere here, maybe eat something or drink coffee, many places good here.

Me: oh thanks i am not # i have to lie at the time i was starving actually. I walk faster but he always fallow me then he’s fast too.

Cheater (1): how do you go to friend hostel?

Me: I will take the metro trail to Kalkaji Mandir # somewhere i didn’t know yet?

Cheater (1): Good but better you take taxi go to metro i have friend will take you there.

Me: My forehead is wrinkled fucking shit this guy is a cheater.

Me: Ohh.. thank you, but I am not hurrying up, i have much time.

cheater(1): But today is very hot  and you look so tired?

Me: It’s ok no problem.

Cheater (1): Bro i am your friend now, don’t worry i will help you. I like help people good karma for me, my friend will take you to the station please.

Me: Hmmm ….holy shit how can i get away this bastard? I don’t have idea to run away yet.

The second cheater (2): Hello my friend what happens?

Me: It seems that they knew each other as they were very familiar and good conversation even though I didn’t understand Hindi.

Cheater (2): Nice to meet you my friend where are you going?

Me: Just walking around i will go to Kalkaji mandir later.

Cheater (2): Do you have hostel?

Me: Yes my friend hostel, has been waiting for me. I returned suddenly I realized that the handsome bastard had disappeared somewhere. He said, my friend but said goodbye, nothing at all.

The tuktuk driver began to be kind to me but in the case I already know the bad intentions. Slowly he took out the map and started explaining about the city of Delhi to me while I was thinking hard how to run away. He try offered me around the city, but I said no thanks I want to go directly to the metro trail station

Cheater (2): Ok my friend i will take you there.

Me: Oh thank you but i just want to walk for while around here

Cheater (2: No my friend, i like to help you just pay me 10 rupees

 Me: What ten rupees I think it’s very cheap..?

 Ok Not so bad, no need to be tired anymore, just pay 10 rupees then I activated the GPS to keep it in the wrong direction. On the way I began to get suspicious when he asked me about my work.

Cheater (2): What is your job in your country?

 Me: I left my job and i go travel, maybe he was thinks that i’ m a rich tourist.

Around 15 minutes arrived near the metro rail station, i asked him to stop there but he won’t.” What the hell this..?

Cheater (2): It’s ok maybe you need some information it’s free for you.

Me: No thanks, but he was keep on going on the road, and a few minutes then he stop and it’s already stopped in front of the tour agent. Damn … why stop here? But I’m still trying to be calm. Suddenly from inside a handsome man came out with a sweet smile as sweet as his face.

Cheater (3): Hello my friend welcome please come in..?

In my mind i wonder Why did people here suddenly becomes all my friends..

And i saw them talk close each other it means they are friends works as cheater.

Ohh noo … maybe they all think that I’m enough stupid.

Let’s see…next game then………!!!!!!

At the first, he offered me drinks a cup of tea but I refuse with politely, I told to him that I wanted to go to the hostel, i need rest, and he says again i have room rent on the third floor.

Me: I’m so sorry I have already book hostel here.

I hate lying, but this is the only one way to get away from fucking bandits. I took my backpack and get out with a very complicated face, but he was still chasing me really fucking.

Cheaters (3) please leave your bag here.

Me: Thank you … bye

My legs suddenly became lighter taking the step of a thousand running with my backpack that was actually very heavy. After being far from the agent i was look for safe place to sat down “Inhale thank you god. I can get away from shit people “I hate this City.

After Escaped from a scam, it’s something really drive me so stress. Believe me, I’m an ordinary human, I am not a reincarnation of gods who are immune to all situations and conditions. I have many limitations and weakness.

I can feel the name frustrated, angry and crying. “Men can also cry” Its’ really like a nightmare in broad on daylight.

I can only smile bitterly alone in the park corner of the New Delhi, a beautiful flowers around the park, bloom colorful as if withers understand my feelings which are very chaotic , need shoulders … i want to lean only for a while.

But i know I have to make sure of myself, that I am strong enough, the storm must have passed … “in reality is hard to go through out it alone…

I have been already arrived in New Delhi.

For a moment I looked at my backpack, there was still enough mouthful of water to eliminate thirst, my energy was almost exhausted because of panic runs away from the target of the bastard cheaters, i remember there was cigarette that i was bring from Mumbai.

Just Cigarettes were truly true friends, Slowly I burn once in a while I throw away the smoke, then i was feel better, My mind was clear again I saw the clock on the cellphone was 3 pm, I have to go to Kalkaji mandir.

Where is it? I tried sending a message via Whatsapp to a friend in Goa , told him that I was in the Metro Rail area,  he was call me back and asked me to send the position of my location, but somehow I wanted to cry, i asked him to send  me the details address via whatsapp, where should I go..?

Maybe he also knows that my voice is a little bit strange, it seems like I was a in big trouble, so he asked me to wait in the city garden, his younger brother would come picking up me, but I said there was no need i can go there myself.

He heard the phone with an increasingly fast English language and I didn’t understand because he talked more frantically than me, it could be because my response was slow cause  i was felt pressure then I cried I was only said yes “i am fine, I would be fine don’t worry about me. The problem is I’m embarrassed to cry really badly.

I keep ignore his calls. It’s like being angry with my sweetheart “i Took a deep breath I lift my backpack. Still confused, how did i go to metro Rail? For a moment I stood up a lot people passing by, it seems like I have to get used to the crowd people. I want to ask people but still was shock, a little bit worry I’ll get cheaters again. I sat down again … someone come to sit at my beside, try to be cool and asked him “Excuse me how to get to Metro Rail? Maybe he understands but can’t answer so he just points behind me, it turns out there is elevator? “I don’t know at that time but he only shook his head, yes or no? I don’t know.

 I was still pretending to be relaxed on thing then I want to immediately run in the direction pointed at earlier. After he left, I went right there to the elevator

 Suddenly from the bottom there were 3 people appearing the problem is the elevator door dropped very small at the glance like a toilet just one door because at the corner of City garden Park.

Maybe this is true there are 3 floors down I press first 1 I go inside out,  …and i saw it’s like a malls i was wrong then enter elevator again, go upstairs again, go down  again to the 2nd floor. I’m out again, was still wrong just saw there are a lot of cafes, break through that many people.

Subway Railway Station New Delhi

He just pointed towards to ticket window. And i went there asked me to buy 25 rupees and then they give like a small coin to go inside.

I began to confuse again the level of the god I went up again to the second floor, this is the left and right side of the train line too, below My head holly shit everywhere a lot people are defeating the night market. And I fainted confusion, up the manual stairs again and go down elevator again, “fuck of. Why I was born in the village? I have to look for security officer again, he asked me to go up again and take blue line first, then to change yellow line.

Metro Rail

Someone come close to me again… what are you looking for? yes i am looking for train to Kalkaji Mandir then he was explain to me as well then we going together at The time I was a little relieved.

Thank you god … finally get on the train no matter must be stand in, So he taught me on the train ,you see this line you stop here from this take yellow line later, you will arrive in six stations while showing me the map on the communitarian line.

Ohhh.. i see thank you so much..It’s so easy my eyes focused to yellow line, sometimes my feet had been stepped on because of the tightness above but I ignored the pain, just because I’m worry to get lost again…

After arrived at kalkaji mandir station, then i call my friend again, he was try guided me to the exit and go to the hostel, I checked it was close to walking from the station, then I walked to the hostel for about 30 minutes And his brother’s was in front of the hostel waiting for me with a warm, and smile welcomed me

After that, told to my friend that i have just arrived at his hostel. He was so happy, now you are safe “If you need anything, please ask to my brother take a rest now, Feel free like your home mate.

After two days in New Delhi, I did not have much time in the city of New Delhi because I wanted to continue my journey to the Rajasthan region.

Just two days in New Delhi only visited Lotus Temple, it was close to my hostel at Kalkaji mandir. And i was also took part in free tours with friends some at the hostels, go to old Delhi and visiting several local markets. Because after going from Rajasthan, (Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Jaipur) then I will back to Agra and then to Varanasi, from Benares I will return to New Delhi waiting for my next flight to Sikkim.