The Dark Side Of Mumbai


When I was visited Mumbai, I was very curious that, Mumbai is one of the largest capital city in India, where the most expensive houses some of famous artist Bollywood in India, and also in  Mumbai was famous for the biggest slums in the world, and deadly railroad networks.

Mumbai is known as Bombay, its official name until 1995 was the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sources of information show that the city is the most populous city in India and an agglomeration, the ninth most populous in the world … it can be imagine that  how many people living in Mumbai?

It’s one of the most populous Cities in the world, and the most populous metropolitan area in India, with more than 20 million growth extraordinary.

Along the way there are so many questions that comes into my mind, i didn’t know will I like Mumbai or vice versa?

Is it true that Mumbai is dirty?

This question was a little tickling fear of being wrong, because of that I want to see it directly …and I also thinking about bus stopped where was there in Mumbai? I don’t even know anything the exact of city whether it’s the suburb or the heart of the city of Mumbai “I didn’t know it too” I just know Mumbai is a big city, exactly has so many bus Station there.

And to be honestly there is a little bit fear, whether I will be safe in Mumbai? I was thinking too much about it, that’s why along the way to Mumbai couldn’t sleep as well.

Imagine arriving alone  in the Biggest city alone… But yes … I’ve been in India no matter what happens to me, I have to be ready with all the possibilities … whether it’s good or vice versa , but I always hope everything runs well.

I took bus from Goa by land to Mumbai with duration of 22 hours because the Bus departing from Goa at 7 pm and arrived in Mumbai the next day at 12 noon .The bus going to Mumbai is not bad, it’s has more better bus than before, from Chennai to Goa. I took  sleeper bus even though it was narrow and very small, but the bed was little good at least enough to fit my body.

Travel around in India more than week made my weight drop dramatically, the effect of eating infrequently … still the process of adjusting the smell of food in India was quite nostril.

Hoping to be able to sleep but it turns out cause by acute insomnia but at least it can straighten up my body. When my bus starts entering the Mumbai area, from the bus window, I saw a scene that was enough to make me stare shock. My eyes were immediately drawn to the rubbish pile where “this is India” is undoubtedly “that’s true” super dirty. Trash everywhere … shabby buildings side by side with skyscrapers … it feels like a dream but it’s real in front of my eyes.

 “Welcome to the real of Mumbai”

Not yet finished answered that question in my mind, suddenly the driver bus called me with sign language that I did not understand … maybe the meaning  that all passengers have to get down … being so tired, and sleepy so broken because I didn’t see any bus station … at that place.

Me: Excuse me this is not bus station right?

Driver: Yes, but the last stop here, this bus will back to Goa again.

Me: Oh my god … “(with a little bit confused)”ok” …

I have to go down on the road not bus stop, not bus station but it’s like more precisely toll road.

I started “searching my hostel” dammit” it’s still very far, about an hour from my location.” That’s fucking shit” I was still standing on the side of the road staring at the Bus until disappeared in front of my eyes, and suddenly I was stopped by someone with a loud horn sound that appeared in front of me “taxi …?

“No thanks”

After finishing packing I began to move away from the place. Start to walks and search of information on how to get to my hostel, somewhere in that city. Asking some people that I met on the way but only, found people who were just shaking their heads with signs of not understanding or not knowing whether they understood or not made me even more anxious …but I always think positively with belief that i hope to meet a good people in that city.

That’s really happen to me at time “get lost in the city” the sentence was pretty creepy scary me. I tried to use one trick for not asking questions with the wrong person use my instinct to make sure that the person is good or not. After walk for a few minutes with a little run I chased the person in front of me, it seemed like an office person yes, luckily the person smiled back to me.

I immediately showed the address that I was looking for it and yes, right, he asked me to go to the bus stop, quite a 30-minute to walk and also he gave me two options, take the train or take the bus? a while I was thinking of it.

Get on the train..? “Of course not” the train ride it must be complicated. I have tried it in Chennai, but my efforts failed miserably.

It’s better to take a public bus transport, then I continued towards what was meant by walking into the hallway out of the hallway, my nose smelled a less pleasant smell, smell of garbage, smell of peeing, and the smell of dirt mixed in one, it was like an extraordinary slap …”my god what the hell with this city…? lucky I have some stock nose cover was still enough that made me kept moving … the air it’s like was full with a smell that had a hard smell that made me  can’t breathe, almost made me vomit.

After walking around the aisles and finally found the bus stop but I was shocked it’s seems like a crowded market, horns of various kinds of sounds breaking the eardrums, i really need to be focused and alert myself while searching for bus code based on the information from a man that i met on the road before, again and again I have to “fight” with thousands of people, there is no space for walking …it is really chaotic, makes me confused where is the parking bus? Little bit worry and began to think negatively, but i hope didn’t get scamming.
There is no way that person is lying to me, my eyes are wild watching around by me, a lot of people everywhere which are booming extraordinary.
This is bad … I really have to be extra vigilant, and have to stay away from the crowd. And then I looked for the nearest bus stop. I met one guy and asked him about which one the bus to go around the address of my hostel. Apparently the god of goodness is still with me I was still
Lucky, I met the right person, he was same direction with me, we get on bus with the same bus even though I was still unwilling to go in the wrong direction and destination.
One word I always keep in my mind “Don’t trust anyone” I keep focusing on GPS with my cellphone and map where I have been around for about an hour until the location and got alerts from my cellphone has also been red which means it has arrived at the location, asked to stop and pay 25 rupees.
I tried searching again from the location but it was still 30 minutes “fuck off seems like an error … the last option to take a taxi.
I started walk again, I’m really “get lost in the big city” and stop walk I saw there campus I went there and tried to approach some of students who were gathering in front of the campus.
Then I asked the address of my hostel.

In good moment time got help for the third time always meets the right people. They were all very welcome and very enthusiastic to help me.

“God is good thank you for all good people”
Then they order grab directly to my hostel. I don’t even know if they have already paid for it.
About 30 minutes I arrived at the hostel which turned out to be on the edge of a cursory road like an old Shop house.
Then in front of various types of sellers more like the market.
I try to make sure the address is right that is my hostel, it seems the most horrible hostel I’ve ever booked and the only one hostel I saw it around that place “welcome to the hell city” have no choice, must be stay there.
I need rest with peace, being tired with all shit day… forget the surrounding conditions that are super dirty.
What a hard day..!
The second day in Mumbai, I just went around the city, watching and looking more closely at the city of Mumbai.
There is not much I can describe about Mumbai city chaotic yes,
Dirty yes, noisy, yeah, slum yeah “that’s it”

No need go to Dharavi, that place is a very famous slum maker among backpackers. Dharavi which is the largest slum of Asia but believe or not Dharavi become won the top 10 position on the top experience list in India and also made it to the 10 traveler’s choice experiences in Asia list. even become popular in reach years and are the source of much discussion over their ethics but it seems that it doesn’t need to be, because all around me, it’s already quite dirty. I’m definitely not strong.
Mumbai has over-populated the population that the city cannot accommodate.
Everywhere people are swarming, cows and goats are free to roam around, one of them stomps a little on a cow … some people peed on a place, a pile of rubbish is the usual sight … I didn’t see any public toilet.
If in Jakarta the streets are packed with private cars, in Mumbai the streets are full of public transportation.
In my mind what is the different? And what is similar between Mumbai and Jakarta?
And in the end I think it’s quite a very difference. Jakarta is still being far better.
I have to be honest that I really don’t like that city.
The only one I know far from my expectations.
Mumbai is a modern and metropolitan city, home very famous Bollywood artists, on the glass screen but side by side with slums, and rubbish everywhere.
Then what about all the luxuries that are displayed in Bollywood films?
In my opinion is very far from reality.
If you want to see social inequalities like heaven and earth then go to Mumbai India.
 At the first time have three days and I have to change my plan two days enough.
I could not forget the very bad day with horrible experience in Mumbai when I went to the station looking for train information to New Delhi but I was asked to come back tomorrow  at 7 am. And when I was on my way back to my hostel by boarding the previous auto rickshaws or tuktuk, have been make sure that whether he knew the address and he said yes he knows then I believe that he really understands the street address where I stay, as far as I remember the trip from the hostel was only 25 minutes back, but when I was in the middle of the way back, my feelings began to feel bad because it seemed too far away and I tried to make sure, why I saw too long the auto rickshaws driver had begun to be confused, apparently he did not know the exact of the address, I was very angry and the driver did not want to know then I was forced to ask to go down and force me to pay 150 rupees from the beginning of the agreement only 50 rupees, we had a big fight but the situation did not allow me taking risks, even though I was very angry because I was cheats already.

At the time while i show at 6 pm. All around me are just skyscrapers. I didn’t know exactly where I was at that time, for a while hard thinking how did I find my way back to the hostel? My cellphone battery is dead perfect bad situation.

Confused, panicked, it felt so sad i almost cried, I really got lost in a big city that was really sucks. I open a map and start walk trying to ask some people but they also didn’t know … since then I swore I would never return to Mumbai.
On the way to find a way my hostel, I met an old man I asked while showing a map. I want to go to the road whether or not he knows the address, And when he said that he will also pass that way my feelings immediately calmed down, I walk behind of him, but still keep my mind with hopefully this person is good. Around 30 minutes to walk I saw a tall building, I started to remember right the building it was close to my hostel and then we split up.

On the way finally I found my way back to the hostel and my fear was gone at least I was safe … that night I immediately packed all my stuff.
I have to leave Mumbai as soon as possible.
The hostel which is said that included breakfast but turned out to be a lie, just two days in Mumbai made me so many stress enough I didn’t feel comfortable and I decide to checking out early at 4 o’clock in the morning, and i went to the Bandra Terminus station one of the big railways station In Mumbai.

This station located in the west, Bandra Terminus from trains bound for northern and western India are schedule regularly. It’s one of the five railway terminus within Mumbai city. And this station have seven platform very large and spacious.
Departing to the station until arrived there I was shock, the station was crowded, right at the time. Showing me a lot people there and some of them sleep everywhere … people can sleep with such conditions that are very noisy almost like refugee conditions. People come and go to flock to different areas. This is the last terminus in Mumbai on the western line in the suburbs, that has many out station trains coming and going and for which it is the first or last stop.
Not only that one thing that makes me shake my head how can people get on the train with the condition of carrying such a heavy load, head, dual-functioning hand, the innate armband is still a lot of things … not to mention my dumb found Deadly lost the train passing, they had to jump up with the condition the train was on its way . This railway station It’s not easy to reach during the traffic hour’s a lot people everywhere very bad situation in peek hours.
Yes it’s little amazing but quite horrible too … this is an unusual thing only in India, I saw such a scene like that.

A while shocked how I had to learn the technique of jumping on a train like them.” Crazy idea”

This is not easy, in my opinion the life of it the bet  … but i have to do the stupid thing same with them the only way not miss the train, then I started to arrange my backpack as neatly as possible because it seemed to be i will also like they were crazy … I had to be proficient and agile. Using the senses as much as possible, I have to make sure my things are safe, my ears and eyes must concentrate fully on the screen, listen to the train information, and the departure time to New Delhi cannot miss the train.

Not only to the mention of information in English that is unclear, and repeated in Hindi, definitely have will out of my mind “blank”.

I have to go back and forth to make sure whether the train hours at time arrive on schedule, “on time or delay” is like a stomachache can’t get away from the toilets.

Even just to pee, I really need to know how miserable I am.!But this is fine, compared to my struggle for a super complicated train ticket.

I still clearly remember the rampage at the station from end to end I was asked to go to a special counter for the tourist here and there all fucking shit. I have to wait for an empty seat.

My patience was tested.

“It is not recommended buying ticket at the station when you go to India please to avoid purchasing tickets on the spot”.

The best advice is to buy a ticket before leaving.

I finally I know that in India it was all complicated.

From 4 o’clock in the morning I was stuck at the station not bathing not eating anything just come early to wait for the train to New Delhi. At 12 pm was a tiring wait, and finally I heard that the train to New Delhi was coming soon.

During the traffic hours
In Peek hours

I immediately ran to find the train and it turns out that the train will pass across “holy shit i was waiting for it at platform 1 the wrong platform and the train will passing at platform three” … I have to run to the second floor again then across the crowded crowd, and bumping on the important ones quickly and down below … and you know that really happen … the train is really passing and it’s not waiting for all the passengers all people jumping up into the train and down, I have to jump up into the train like the others … I heard some people called me come to jump inside, jump up here” that’s how the cries of some people from the train call me.. I must Run faster and focus, forget the shame keep focus and jump up, it’s so hard for me to jump up even finally I made it but my water bottle until thrown because the entrance are full by a lot people.

But lucky I saw someone runs and threw the water bottle to me, i can’t believe it It’s like a feeling of fugitive escaped from the pursuit of police and when I succeed to jump into the train, that’s sucks amazing experience in my life ever.

Even though i really hate Mumbai but on the other hand there are still good people there… I know my long journey just begins where Drama isn’t finished yet I still have to find my seat because I jumped in wrong place.

But at least it’s safe at the time.

When I got my seat, i never stop thinking about it. I can’t believe what I have just done, crazy thing I did so far, jumped to the runs train and run on the way and if something bad happen to me? My god..!!

And i now believe that there was “a deadly train “it’s only in Mumbai like that, hard to believe but that’s true.

At the end there is always goodness everywhere.

“Good bye Mumbai the first and the last” I will never go back to Mumbai again the hell city.