Travel To Foreign Country With Language Barriers

When you travel to a foreign country, sometimes you have to dare to try to eat something that you have never eaten before, this is part of survival. As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself from the big problem it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are. The most scariest thing is about “language barriers” this is one of my ridiculous experience when I was leaving Goa and I want to continue my trip to Mumbai I stopped at a restaurant near the bus station in Goa waiting for the bus departure time because trip by bus to Mumbai was quite time consuming and I was looking for some food.

To be honestly that more than over a week since arrived in India, I have not yet been able to adapt with all the foods there, every day, only living with some bread and fruits. I was not dare try ate Indian foods, despite of that it seems like it was very difficult thing for me to survive with only Bread every day. It was makes me boring because in Indonesia rice is the main food. And my habits in a day must be eat rice every day without ate rice, it seems weakness. Traveling to India it is difficult to find white rice without spices.

They have rice but the ingredients are very sharp. I’m a little worried that it doesn’t suit with my stomach.

When I arrived at the bus station in Goa I’m looking for a nearby restaurant with hoping i met menu of white rice, when I entered to a restaurant that was quite good in that place, happy for that I saw it they have it on the menu book and when i was order one plate, the problem began to appear here. Some of their menu i didn’t understand it at all, just seeing from the picture that it is white rice.

I want to order it with separately, and i just showed the picture on the menu white rice because he can’t speak English well like me and what happened after that what i order did not match when the waiter came carrying two different rice seeds in bowls. It was very ridiculous that everything starts from miss communication.

Can you Imagine that my situation at that time which was very hungry, whether I wanted to be angry? or just stay silent seeing a strange thing that coming in front of my desk …?

It was really is the most ridiculous experience in my life ever in the strange country.

Just because the language and wrong communication… and i try to order again with using body language

The first order was correct chicken. I think it will be the same as white rice but it turns out it’s not. And next order he bring me one plate chicken fried but still without rice and then try order again only white rice.

But what happened  … I was brought two bowls of rice seeds … one round rice seeds and one oval rice seeds … oh my god !!

It’s a little bit funny but it sucks in a moment, i was thinking myself that it’s like a chicken or a sparrow .Given me rice seeds from a rice field.

It makes me confused, and more confusing what’ wrong? Drive me shock, how come?

Whether is wrong if i complain that to his manager, on the other hand he has been tried to give his best service even it always wrong.

It has been so clear before, that I said “white rice” or plan rice… why comes rice seeds …?Maybe because I was so hungry at time, i couldn’t say anything else,just pointing to the oval seeds rice, and i saw him little bit confused but actually i was more confused and confusing with all that shit happen to me.

I’m give up, didn’t know again what will come next at time… in 10 minutes the waiter comes back to me and bring me the white oval rice. That’s what I mean white rice not rice seeds.

After that I could only smile … it was really ridiculous ever.

And finally one thing that made me understand what happen to me on my every travel alone to a foreign country..language is the big problems, language barriers it was really a trial.Traveling alone need a patient soul.That is true that when we travel alone, it is not always pleasant, not always perfect even sometimes very far from the expectations.On my long travel i was learning received that it will be a part of my trip.

Traveling far alone, will increasingly and make you know yourself.This is a very famous quote about why some people travel solo traveling, at least once in a lifetime.

“When you move out of your comfort zone, what used to be unknown and frightening becomes your new normal situation.Travel far alone to a strange place that you never knew before. It can be said that solo trips push us out of our comfort zone, in an unusual way. Forcing us to overcome every problem we face ourselves including language barriers, getting lost, or getting sick which can initially make us really scared. However, it will soon become clear that we can be able to go further and more than we ever imagined.

Being a solo traveler do not make language a barrier to travel, this is reminder me one of  my  friend from Japan when I traveled to Thailand who could not speak English at all but he was able to travel alone to some of foreign countries that he only could speak in his languages, he can’t speak another languages.

Some of my friends said to me that i can go travel far because i can speak English well but believe me

 I’m too messy my English is very bad also because English is not my language when i speaking  in English sometimes I was confused in English, which i only use market language and the rest is the language of “animals” or body language with gestures that begin with a smile, from that smile melts everything. Never worry about language, and don’t make language is incompetence and always the reason that why did you keeps you from delaying your traveling because in the end you will find your own way.

Including training yourself to keep smiling even when the situation is most emotionally draining.

Don’t be worry you can travel far with language barriers once you have overcome of every your fear you will soon realize that traveling alone is very simply the only way to travel.