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Goa is the smallest state in the Indian region and belongs to the fourth smallest population area after Sikkim, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh but Goa is also the richest state counted per person, located on the west coast of India, known as Konkan, and limited by the state Maharashtra in the north, and Karnataka in the east and south. Arabian sea in the west. Panaji is the state capital, and Vasco is the largest City. This region is greatly influenced by European culture.

Based on history long time ago when Portuguese traders first landed in Goa in the 16th century but after forcibly colonizing, suppressing Hindus and Muslims and turning many local people into Christianity. The Portuguese colony lasted 450 years, until it was captured by India in 1961.This is the answer why is Goa is different from some regions in other parts of India. Visiting Goa you will see the blend of eastern and European .Starting from lifestyle,building architecture, food and their habits.

Goa’s architecture is a combination of Goan, Ottoman and Portuguese styles. Because the Portuguese ruled for four centuries, many churches and homes had striking elements of Portuguese architectural style.

Goa is also known as the city of 1000 churches, so in here, don’t be surprised we will met like not Indian people in general, which is identical using Sari as a dress.

I fell in love with this region, people there were very helpful, not expensive too, the food also is good, easy to find western food and the most very famous is cheaper alcohol, if you like party this is the best place for you.

 One of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Goa is feni from cashew made from fermented cashew trees, while coconut feni is made from palm tree sap. Urrak is another local drink made from Guava fruit. Actually the bar culture is one of the unique aspects of the Goan village where the local bar serves as a meeting point for villagers to relax.

Goa is a parts of the Indian region that can forget all the stress, despite of this area is a touristis place but it’s still fun …Intrigued and i want to know how good the beaches in Goa

One of the reason why I fought was riding a bus 23 hours from Chennai Madras Tamil Nadu.#disappointing marina beach effect …

Goa is among the safest area in my opinion so far and is highly recommended for a solo traveler. I almost skip this area because it is so many complicated to reach by land from southern India.

Located between the Sahyadri West Ghats and the Arabian Sea on the West Coast of India.And it turns out that the survey results are right. Goa is undoubtedly a very beautiful West Coast paradise in India. All beaches in this region are highly recommended for exploration.

 Goa is a tourist place, so don’t be surprised that, you might be met a lot domestics and international tourists.

Vagator beach

It is not wrong if Goa is one of the best destinations in the region of India because some beaches are beauty which is quite amazing. All the beaches in Goa included the best beach in the Indian region .There are many beautiful beaches here, like Mandrem Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach, Cindollim Beach and Cavelossim Beach.

For those of you who like the world of beach night party, the place is similar to the Gilitrawangan beach in Indonesia. And if you want to see dolphins agonda is the place.

Goa is a perfect place destination in terms of  history were you will find a legacy of Portuguese buildings that have been maintained until now #incredible.

Because my time is very limited so when I go to Goa I only have three days, which should be 5-7 days enough to explore all best place in around Goa.

Vagator beach is one of the most locations that I like in Goa because it’s very strategic to access, a  lots of accommodation cheaper to backpackers with low budget but all it depends on… according to your budget.Vagator beach is  also near to location with a famous castle in Goa and also just a few minute walk to Chapora fort.

Chapora fort

Chapora fort is the fortress very popular because this fort was once the place for Bollywood film shooting “Dil Chahta Hai“. Chapora fortress stands at the mouth of the Chapora River as an old guard, was built with red laterite stone, this fort has steep slopes on all sides and stands in areas that have irregular outer plans. This large fort was built by the king of Bijapur Adil Shah, just in case for Hindu robbers who wanted to meet their territory in Goa known as spectacular views and amazing views of the sunset. When you travel to Goa, don’t forget to  visit this fort “This is the best place to see the sunset” I’m sure you will not disappointed. The Road to the Fort starts are very slippery laterite red stone. So be careful to going upstairs. This fort is most recommended to visit during the morning you can see some small island and good vews from the top high place and also you can see the beauty of Vagator Beach and Anjuna beach and in the afternoon very good waiting for the sunset.

Chapora fort

Amazing view …So make it one of your lists when you traveling to India …!!

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