Chennai I Hate You


When I was travel to India, i left my job and go travel alone, start my long trip from the southern states of India Chennai full of dramas…my flight from Singapore was arrived at Chennai International Airport 2:12 am. I plan to stay at the airport till 7;00 am ,and try to find seat  but nothing else anywhere, I went out  and looking for taxi, but very expensive so I want go back to inside and they don’t allow me anymore…very bad because very cold and drizzle outside.

In a few hours I decided to looking for taxi go straight to my hostel and when I was arrived at hostel ,the staff there wasn’t friendly to me maybe because  I was come check in too early.

Next drama ran out of rupees, I want to exchange  my money but money changer still closed, and I try to looking for ATM  around my hostel, but at the first time I couldn’t withdraw money until three times, and try to look for another ATM but still same too…my god what happen…to me this morning..?

 I have to wait for someone comes to help me, In a few minutes, yes.. someone came and I ask to help me withdraw my money from  ATM but still failed…”my god my journey is over”…that was really makes me stress what can I do…?it’s erratic feels and suddenly rains falls, seems to understand my bad day….

 In such conditions, left brain and right must works on maximally, don’t expect too much with people. I have to survive because I travel alone. I try to call my friend to Indonesia that I Couldn’t take my money from ATM in India and he just  said that try go the bank ask some  information but the bank is not yet open at the time . i want back to my hostel and I lost internet connection, I walk around the city , and  i didn’t realized that i had further away from my Hostel, and I wasn’t remember that way going back…!Damm… inhale in the first I remember the temple and I have to go back to the place where the benchmark is not too far from my hostel. I didn’t know how awesome or not when I passed in the temple just said “Please bring me back to my Hostel” believe or not I started walk and start to remember it and Intentionally in the corner of the way I passed there was one ATM and I went there try to put my debit card again to the Machine and finally is working well I can took my money feel like I want to jumping so high, scream, I’m happy so much…Thanks God.

Next day drama this about  buying  a Sim card,I need local number but it’s turns out, not easy as looking for an ATM every corner in that city we can find it. An unpleasant experience, they don’t let me given to buy card, instead I was expelled by them, that was very bad and I was desperate. I try to find another outlet and I stopped at the last outlet if at outlet…they were not given to me. I’m give up…Enough.

Walking on the street with hot day, I was thinking so hard, I have to looking for flight to New Delhi as soon as possible leaving Chennai ,that means I will change my plan again, I will skipped some of my destination .On my way back to Hostel, I met a women with her husband, They wants to buy sim card also, I’m try to ask  them that I need a local sim card, she might be also saw me with a pained face but the seller’s there gave signals that they can’t give me, they were afraid to sell sim card  for foreigner.

Lucky she was really understand my problems and she ask me go to the official outlet bring the passport and fhotos. It’s called official ARTEL, one of the good provider in Chennai.

After walking far enough finally, I found the building, I went in and they asked me to waiting for again, yes my struggle was not in vain, they ask for passport and fhotos.  And they help me to prepared the sim card for one month.

Finally I got sim card and the next day I am looking for agent  to buy ticket bus go Goa in the next day but search on internet very expensive 1,600 rupees and I looking for ticket bus at the agent local  and I got more cheap 1,400 rupees. After I got the ticket bus and back to the hostel take rest. All the day just looking for simd card and ticket Bus.

When I was arrive at hostel, some friends at hostel ask me to hang out with them, there was Hindu worship and I am going with them, because at the time my last day in Chennai. Arriving at the temple we went inside joint with local people attend the worship, just a few minutes, suddenly heavy rains that we must waiting for the rain stopped and back to the hostel.

And when I checked  my bag and my passport didn’t exist…ohh my god…start to be panic because I’m not remember where my passport lost and others friend from German she asked me to calm down she said “When the last time you hold it? I said when I bought ticket at agent late in the afternoon and “she ask me where is your ticket? She tried to called but doesn’t work and she also ask me to check my cellphone and check message if there was an incoming call .Yes someone calls me six times but I’m not sure that number from the agent.

my friend ask me to check the ticket again and saw the number at my phone, yes it’s same number with my ticket, my friend said, you are still lucky they try to call you don’t worry … but I’m still panic, the rain was still heavy, I asked them I’m going out first to look for my passport at agent but both of my friends said we will going out together. ”That was very touching me I can’t not imagine without them in such a bad situation, I have friend really care about me. “Thanks god I never be alone”

Because it rained so hard we runs on the way to the agent and I put my glasses in my pocket and I didn’t know I fell it. I just realized when arrived from the agent took my passport and from the hostels try go back look for it… because at time was still rain and darkness outside so i didn’t found it anymore…I have lost my glasses again but my friend said “don’t thinking about that the most very important is you take it back your passport.

What to see in Chennai  the Basilica of San Thome, a minor Catholic basilica in Santhome, the city of Chennai (Madras)

Basilica of San Thome Chennai

South India. This basilica was built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, along the tomb of St. Thomas, an apostle of Jesus. In 1893, the basilica was rebuilt as a cathedral-status church that still stands today, designed in the Neo-Gothic style, proclaimed by British architects in the 19th century.

Visiting this place is very easy because it is located in this city, near from and close to one of the second longest beaches in the world “marina beach.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple is one of the oldest temples of Hindus in Chennai or what was once called Tamil Madras Nadu.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

Historically this temple was founded in the 8th century … long time ago…!

This place also has an annual celebration of the Arubathi Mooval festival, usually in March or April

If you want to go there don’t forget to find the information so that it can be a good time.

I was there at the end of October and it’s not a good season, almost rains every day. Always muddy views of junk scattered ,mixed up and the most amazing … welcome to the real of India  that news really true India is super dirty  must be focus if walk on the road.

I really thought whether I was still sane to start a journey here and I would be go around in the Indian region for a month and then how about Mumbai and Delhi certainly didn’t know it but i had already come to India.

The temple is always remainder me about the drama of my ATM all day … from ATM to ATM very far atm. and the ATM and i can’t pull cash ….it was drive me panic, then how is my passport scattered somewhere, that i didn’t know where, running in the middle of the night ran the rain, felt doused with arrows from the sky but it hurts more than I thought is about my passport  … it was heavier than thinking of my soul mate where? That wasn’t really good to start long my journey.

It turned out that my passport was left behind in the Agent. There were still good people, it turned out … when i aware of my face, it was light, it turned out that my expensive glasses were missing … fell somehow, Sad if I remember it was really…bad memorable.

Then how I almost desperately, accepted and rejection of the difficulty buying a local sim card there. Even finally I got it.

The third day because of the rain all day electricity was totally dead completely at 12 o’clock the night woke up unable to sleep not because of complete darkness, the air conditioner didn’t work, not because of the sound of frogs  but the snoring sound of my  roommates. And also when the smell of breath.

 I remember bring cavern eucalyptus oil from Indonesia then spray in the mask, trying to sleep with a mask even though it can’t breathe properly. The first in a lifetime sleep using mask. It feels like I want to scream I hate coming to this country. I met this temple by chance because of stray this temple is one of the temples which is the icon of Chennai city. From the outside look so dirty, but when i go inside very clean, which It was made me surprised … really did not believe that it was inversely proportional to the conditions outside the super quite enough, even have time to worship here mingling with local people even though heavy rain still persisted, that was incredible.

Marina beach, from that name, is really cool, it’s really beautiful, the beach what I though.

Marina Beach

The name is quite popular and is one of the destinations that you must visit if you visit the Tamil Madras.

One of the wide beaches in Chennai which is said to have the second longest coastline in the world it’s about total of about 13 Km with a main beach 6.5 Km.

After all, I’ve been lost all the time, when I arrived full of sacrifices, although a lot dramas but I am still felt like wonder why I chose Chennai.

The effect of not being able to sleep all night using a morning mask is only washing my face, brushing my teeth and  immediately looking for the bus stop, ignoring the messy face that matters, the spirit is not reduced …Hopefully good for last day.

Until the bus stops to see the right map there is a bus from here to the marina beach. About 20 minutes the bus passes, and i get on the bus very cheap rates only 10 rupees.

Actually I can walk from my hostel just to save time, better look for public transportation so that it is faster to find the nearest bus stop that passes around the beach of Marina Beach, and. not only see the code of the  bus but must be memorized, and focus on the bus number.

The trip by bus was about 25 minutes, it wasn’t jammed and I was arrived there still early. In just minutes finally slip into the beach of Marina Beach .From the side of the road, it’s just sand, i have to go in again and really far away…

Ahhh it’s really wide but Is this the beach or desert? Start to justify yes, very big and wide. I have to be careful when the sand feels like it’s in the mud. Getting a little deeper into the left and right side … is this really beach?, the rubbish everywhere.

This is the beach, but garbage disposal .Starting tired and disappointed apparently again and again, what I’ve to said ,I have been here … still trying to be happy even though I’m disappointed at least to be able to see the sea and be able to stand in the vast and longest sand plain in the world  proud of that.

There is a feeling of sadness, I was in India being far from my country and traveling alone. But  I have to be happy, take a breath .But I’m not surprised that garbage is everywhere … one thing that I can’t forget in Chennai i saw a lot species of crows everywhere … there. It’s like the population of people, seems like joke but real…  

About 1 hour down the coast of Marina Beach, the tip doesn’t look really long to cover.

I decided to go back hostel by on foot.

Oh yes from here you can go to one of the old churches in Chennai

Basilica San Thomas is one of the icons in good Chennai that wants a pilgrimage.

Leaving the city of Chennai, the drama still continues to drain emotions… staying three days in Chennai with full of dramas seems like it’s not over yet.

After failing to take the train to Bengaluru, because it was so complicated and super complicated, the struggle for a train ticket had to end in frustration trying to fight with a lot of people at the station and it turned out to be a failure and forced me to back down, heartened by this incredible shock see unusual scenery human like ants, so many people countless.

I want to spend tens of hours there, i will not got any brain really boils between wanting to be angry, but can’t do anything …Within a few minutes I had to make a decision

Taking the bus or extend a day in Chennai, and last choice leaving go on a bus ride even though I had to travel far enough ,no choice. I returned to the hostel with a feeling of chaos … my planning from the beginning was in danger of falling apart. Goa and Mumbai most likely I skip at that time.

It seems that I have to change the searching route directly flight to Delhi, when i check and see the ticket price is really very expensive too.

I will not give up … # promise to myself.

Set up the last option … land line by bus, It’s quite rare for ticket bus because mostly transportation in India between regions is indeed a train, but I do not give up this time, I can’t find a travel agent I counted the price is not much different from the train ticket 800 rupees because if I take the train keep changing again in Bengali, going up the connection bus means that I have actually taken the direct bus to the cave with an estimated 23 hours … leaving Chennai as soon as possible.

Flashback In this agent, my passport missed # look at the previous drama # Kapaleeswarar temple

The fix ticket bus is already in hand, new problems arise again apparently the bus didn’t pick up, I have to go the terminal where the address and the agent only give me the bus code then look for myself “what the fuck …of that! The bus won’t pick up passengers, the agent is only selling tickets and I have to find the bus stop in the big city that i didn’t know…!  And the bus will be picked up me at the location which address and street name are printed on the ticket #oh my god … how did I know it??

This oath made me even more prolonged, what the hell this country this? Everything very difficult, i try to forgive all conditions that occur, one after to another was fall with me.

The next morning, check out earlier from the hostel and go to the point, look for the bus stop waiting.  for the bus to the terminal from the bus to go to the location in question … waiting for it. I’m worry left by bus, was more horrible …when the driver asked me where did you get down? I just know near hospital, I was so confused because I don’t know where exactly really while praying in my heart suddenly so remember God I hope this is true. On the bus sitting full concentration i hope not miss it the address of that hospital.

The driver little bit was confused, and I was even more confused .My eyes stay focus on watching left and right really the trip was not fun ..Not only that the heavy rains …outside and finally found it, the hospital on the right side the road, and I get Down from the bus, it was rained heavily, drive me was wet, it felt like the rain understood my feelings … run to take shelter in front of the hospital, but I wasn’t allowed by security.

Forced to look for the nearest bus stop, only the only place that can accept me for what I am … I have to cross again and  I tried  call the agent and told to him that i was already on the road that he meant and he asked me to ,wait there about two hours to be picked up For heaven’s sake….Sitting at a stop alone shivering which made me shocked when some people coming to pee I thought that bus stop  like a toilet that was really bad attitude that i ever seen.

Ahhh… never mind i don’t care this situation fucking shit. Around 1 pm the car appeared like a Minivan coming, and i was so confused between believing and not? And the bus go to Goa, but i want to make sure to the driver first.

Me: excuse me but i buy a ticket for bus not Minivan?

Driver : Yeah i will drop you later to big bus later.

Me:  Oh, ok, it’s a little bit of a pain, I almost went crazy thinking of riding a minivan to Goa it’s impossible. A little bit happy, I’ll leaving Chennai soon, I hate that city but i will miss it all the fucking that happened to me….Along the way there were many things that crossed my mind.

Bus from Chenai to Goa 23 hours

Slowly I started to understand that; Traveling alone was not easy, it was really tested by mentally, not always fun, not always perfect, not according to expectation  but traveling alone makes me a stronger person and more confident” Travel to Goa from Chennai, it takes 23 hours by the old bus …not sleeper bus. My bus departing at 11:30 am from Chennai arrived at Goa the next day at 2pm local time. Sitting 23 hours on the amazing bus … my folded legs have to share with my carrier and backpack. It feels impatient arrived at Goa soon.


And finally after 23 hours … even though my body felt like it was going to crumble but when was seeing the sea from the bus with a sunny weather as if giving a welcome, feeling tired and bitter drama that I had experienced a little lost in memory, I smiled Thank you god  get off the bus … running while screaming. One stage I graduated …finally i made it…!!!

Welcome to Goa with a new story….

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